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While European football winds down, over on the other side of the world our South American chums are gearing up for the start of the Copa America on Thursday.
That Qatar has a special place among the South American countries is increasingly reflected these days with the frequency at which delegations are received in Doha and the South American capitals in recent months.
3% of all South Americans come from Peru and Ecuador.
Today's South Americans trace their roots to Native American,
The new data also support the idea that a single wave of settlers gave rise to all native South Americans, they hold.
To pacify the South Americans, the executive committee stripped Oceania of their newly-won automatic qualifying spot.
But the last time around, the scourge was malaria, and the Americans seeking to keep a tight rein on their profitable treatment were South Americans in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador.
His efforts released millions of South Americans from colonial rule and gave rise to five independent nations.
In order to pacify the South Americans, the executive committee stripped Oceania of their automatic qualifying spot.
The South Americans may feel an affinity towards Canada because Ottawa shares some of South America's worries about FTAA rules on agriculture; or, they might feel more comfortable dealing with Canadians, because as a middle-level power, Canada does not inspire such reflexive alarms as the United States.
pylori found a home in previously uninfected South Americans about 500 years ago, say the researchers.
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