South American Indian

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a member of a native Indian group in South America

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Bratt, of South American Indian ancestry, uses the trip to Washington as a metaphor for the journey of people of color in the Americas, and the different ways each character wrestles with the demons of race identity and culture.
Bolivian novelist, journalist, sociologist, historian, and diplomat whose sociological and historical studies and critically acclaimed realistic novels were among the first to focus attention on the social and economic problems of the South American Indian.
The third and fourth graders study the English language with the help of software, and Roybal has introduced software in Spanish on Mexican and Central and South American Indian history.
Central and South American Indian languages are almost equally numerous and complex.
Allen finds out that a son, who he didn't know existed, has been brought up like a South American Indian.
recently began selling a line of North and South American Indian fruits and vegetables under the trademark "Lost Crops.
Brazilian literary genre of the 19th century that idealizes the simple life of the South American Indian.
He gets there just in time to see her being kidnapped by South American Indians, who believe she knows the location of a set of statues that can pinpoint the location of a jungle treasure.
Timothy knew that the poison used by the South American Indians worked quickly, but he was surprised just how quickly.
THE water aid charity for the international travel and tourism industry Just a Drop carried out a rescue mission in the summer to help preserve a remote tribe of South American Indians.
The Spanish "tigre" is used commonly in Latin America instead of jaguar, a word borrowed from South American Indians.
Native North and South American Indians grew popcorn for thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers in the late 1400s.
This herb was prized by the South American Indians for use in all kinds of infections.
First used as a pesticide and cure for snakebites, it had magical powers attributed to it by South American Indians.
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