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For #6-9, locate and name the geographical feature of South America that matches each description:
In the last two years, we focused every month on improving results in the auto industry here in South America, despite having market share of between 12% and 13% in the region," says Maciel, sitting in his office in Sao Bernardo do Campo, near Silo Paulo.
If I wrote in Castilian Spanish nobody in South America would understand a word of it.
In South America, YFV is maintained in enzootic cycles involving monkeys and forest-canopy mosquitoes of the genera Haemagogus and Sabethes (6,7).
When a land bridge formed between North America and South America between 5 million and 2 million years ago, the fierce predators that invaded South America wreaked havoc on the plant eaters there, especially those too large to burrow underground.
Compelling Strategic Rationale with the acquisition of SAGA, Software AG will gain direct access to the large customer base in North and South America, Japan and Israel.
Baptist presence in South America accompanied the process of planting carried out also by Presbyterians and Methodists, and after midcentury we find a continuous presence of Baptists on the South American continent.
Buildings in South America designed by the Spanish naturally reflected influences affecting Spain at the time -- the Spanish Renaissance, clearly larded with Moorish influences.
Yet South America, right in our backyard, also has a big impact on the U.
Hamburg Sud Latin American services also link: North and East Coast South America and Mexico with the U.
The new discovery, along with previous reports of other 11,000-year-old human sites in South America, challenges the theory that the first New World settlers immediately trekked inland after crossing the Bering Strait from Asia, mainly hunted big game, and moved into South America along the Andes Mountains.
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