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a native or inhabitant of South Africa

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htm) South African Adventures: Floral Tributes Herald Rebirth of Spring [BLOG]
In a poll of more than 1,400 South Africans conducted ahead of the Mining Indaba, which begins here today, FTI Consulting found that 80 percent of respondents see bribery and corruption as the greatest obstacle to investment from overseas.
MUSCAT: Today on Saturday marks South Africa's Heritage Day holiday and on Thursday over 300 South Africans in Oman celebrated with food, music and dancing at the Yacht Club in Sidab.
Police spokesman Billy Jones said two South Africans were taken in for questioning to determine whether criminal charges would be filed.
real life problem) South Africans have today is direction for teaching within integrated schools and living successfully in an integrated society.
Tell students to assume that they were one of the young black South Africans who took part in the anti government protests in Soweto in 1976.
The ANC has reformed the country's governing institutions and has set the basis for the participation of all South Africans in the political life of the country, despite its inexperience in public administration and government.
But if you believe your eyes more than the press, and conversations with individual South Africans more than misleading statistics, a different picture emerges.
Led by an international cadre of twenty-two counselors drawn from the United States (several of them former Peace Corps volunteers) and eight South Africans (mostly college students from Soweto University), the youth spent a week doing the things that campers do--nature hikes, theater games, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, playing soccer, learning to swim, cleaning their residences, and developing "daily life skills"--the abilities to communicate, cooperate, and get along with others they will need to prepare for life in a country with a raging public health problem.
3 million South Africans infected with HIV/AIDS will have access to free antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, compliments of the Catholic Church.
Black South Africans had not forgotten the insidious accusations of white supremacists--from nineteenth-century missionaries condemning libidinous "heathen" to twentieth-century segregationists persecuting so-called dirty and unfit Bantus--who attributed promiscuous sex and reckless death to tribal appetites.
One of his first documentary series Aanpassings (Afrikaans for `adaptings'), filmed in 1984, conveyed the strong message, `If we as South Africans are to survive we have to adapt'.
Ironically, during those years South Africans had more access to works by other Africans and African Americans.
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