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a province of northeastern South Africa originally inhabited by Africans who spoke Bantu

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Five companies of the South African Republic, which operate in various spheres of economy, have been registered in Azerbaijan.
The South African Republic sold $167 mln worth of armaments in the second quarter of this year, down $108 mln for the same
He also extended gratitude to the South African Republic for its support to the initiative of President Ben Ali to proclaim 2010 "International Youth Year," and for its keenness to contribute to the success of all events to be held within this framework, particularly the International Youth Congress.
At the outset of 1901 Lord Kitchener and the British general staff sought to isolate the armies of the Orange Free State and South African Republic from the rural population.
Van Jaarsveld further states: "It was Paul Kruger, president of the South African Republic between 1884 and 1904, who revealed God's leadership in the history of the Afrikaner peoples, whatever happened to them was his will; he was their history's central theme.
100 YEARS AGO: Mr Asquith said every intelligent person in this country and in South Africa agreed that the time had come for a definite and permanent settlement of the long standing controversy between the government of the South African Republic and its immigrant population.
In effect, the South African Republic, which emerged in May 1961 following a referendum among whites which favoured secession from the Commonwealth, was perceived in microcosm as a reflection of the deep divisions between rich and poor, black and white in international society as a whole.
Nevertheless, since no book (or book review) is ever perfect, this book is a valuable and scholarly contribution to our knowledge of the vibrant religious life in the South African Republic.
He united his people in the new South African republic.
It also left behind even G20 countries, including Italy, Russia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and the South African Republic in the economic competitiveness index.
In addition, there are plans to participate in three exhibitions to be held on the territory of the CIS countries, two European countries, and also in the South African Republic.
They hailed stance of the South African Republic which overlooked request of the suspect organization.
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