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a native or inhabitant of South Africa

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The decade of the 1980s produced a radicalized mass movement headed by underground ANC operatives in alliance with the South African Communist Party and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).
More is wrong with the South African economy than lack of property rights.
According to PHRU, a fifteen-year-old South African today has a 70 percent lifetime risk of AIDS, and Baragwanath Hospital's community clinics see more than 12,000 infected women every year.
The highly regulated South African insurance industry also is keeping insurers from discriminating based on health status.
3 million South Africans infected with HIV/AIDS will have access to free antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, compliments of the Catholic Church.
21) So, too, social histories of rampant tuberculosis, silicosis, and syphilis incubating in South African capitalist development provide pertinent insights.
The new codeshare covering South African Airways' twice weekly service will be effective from 1 June 2003.
He was the first black South African to publish a novel in English--his now classic historic tale called Mhudi.
whereas it is predicted that in South Africa, where 1 in 10 South Africans are HIV positive, HIV/AIDS will reduce life expectancy by 20 years by 2010, and whereas hundreds of thou sands of South Africans die every year from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,
Some cynics saw the demise of the companies as the natural fallout from the end of apartheid in 1994, just as some South Africans have criticized ballet as a cost-intensive, Eurocentric art form that has no place in an African country.
Nemasetoni's Litany, 1999, comprised eight altered photographs of the dreaded passbooks and police records that defined "identity" for many South African men.
With non-stop service on South African Airways, and a very favorable exchange rate, South Africa is both easily accessible and highly affordable.
The challenge is what can you do creatively, constructively with this in the current South African scene?
Frank Chikane, a black South African clergyman who serves in the new government, has a similar view of his torturers.
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