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a United States bandmaster and composer of military marches (1854-1932)

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The Sousas work with nature, not chemicals, to enhance their property.
Sousa, the owner with husband Robert Sousa of Turkey Hill Brook Farm in Spencer.
While most of the major theorists of spatial culture--Bachelard, Deleuze, and Lefebvre, for example--are brought up only on occasion and mostly in the Introduction, Sousa develops At Home in Shakespeare's Tragedies within an interdisciplinary framework that combines familiar historicist methods of reading Renaissance visual culture with cross-cultural analysis that combines seamlessly western and non-western approaches to spatiality.
Sousa points to the contrast between the historical developments within domestic architecture and the play's disassembling of domesticity.
Sousa was a long-time resident of Hudson, MA where he worked for Independent Cable Company after retiring from the Army in 1971.