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program instructions written as an ASCII text file

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For low latency, a router on a LAN of a destination (typically the DR) may optionally initiate the transfer of the shared tree to a specific shortest path (SPT) source tree.
We now focus on the positive source tree P(Q, [rho]) and on the negative sink tree [N.
To illustrate the theory of new virtual source tree, three types of sources must be defined (see Fig.
The maximum attraction in terms of number of holes was observed at a distance of 5 meters from the source tree (Fig.
Available in both open-source and commercial versions from Trolltech AS (based in Norway), it lets application developers write cross-platform applications that run on all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, even Mac OS X, with a single application source tree.
The new system is designed to enable users to address a range of environments from workgroup servers to the largest data centre servers using a single source tree while, because of its Linux affinity, Linux applications can also run on the operating system.
All blocks were placed on the west/southwest side (downwind) of the source tree, to standardize for prevailing winds that might affect ballooning larvae.
A company with a large user base might want to keep strict control over who has access to its source code (paying customers), but provide full source code, complete documentation, and mechanisms for customer extensions to be folded back into the core source tree.
Dispersal may be quantified in two ways: (1) by the proportion of ovules in recipient trees at a given distance that are fertilized by the source tree; and (2) by the proportion of source tree pollen that fertilizes ovules at a given distance.
Like the lighter-than-air dandelion seeds, alder's gossamer seeds are windborne for great distances, in contrast to heavy Douglas-fir seeds that drift only a few dozen yards away from the source tree.
What is needed is a common programming language that developers can use to create parallel applications with a single source tree that can run on current and future parallel hardware.
Accepted submissions will be incorporated into the CELF source tree, which will be released under the General Public License and publicly available at the CELF web site.
The first (left side) includes variables related to the identity of the source tree nearest to a given quadrat.
Stem mothers were taken from overwintering eggs collected from a single source tree within the hybrid zone to eliminate donor effects.
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