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program instructions written as an ASCII text file

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Pydio offers customers the most advanced, open source file sharing and synchronisation platform, giving channel partners and service providers the ability to deliver significant value-add to their existing offerings.
Within hours of the Axis launch, a writer and hacker named Nik Cubrilovic had noticed that the source file for the Axis Chrome extension included the private PGP key that Yahoo used to sign the file.
To change the link source to SubNew, click on Edit and the Links icon, which opens the Source File box.
Using existing code management software to store document source files in a central location allowed anyone on the documentation group to find files and information.
When its task is completed, providing no errors have been logged in the error log file, the client configuration agent deletes the source file, its own executable, and the error log file.
In most cases, you should submit all original source files when you wish to receive a project quotation from a translation agency.
It includes HDL source files and examples, C source code application examples, Application notes and QuickStart tutorial.
This ensures at the end of the consolidation, the data files on the NAS servers are a perfect replica of the source files originally on the department servers.
iManage reports that OLE and spreadsheet linking play a key role in the preparation of financial models and presentations by enabling users to embed data from dynamic source files directly into destination files without the potential for costly errors through miskeyed or out-of-date data.