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Synonyms for soursop

small tropical American tree bearing large succulent slightly acid fruit

large spiny tropical fruit with tart pulp related to custard apples

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He told me one of his very close relatives is suffering from cancer and a friend of his recommended him to give the patient Sour Sop juice which is better than chemo for cancer patients.
Anticipated targets for the new financial year include: commence construction and achieve 40 per cent of overall works on Sour Sop Turn to Chapelton (10km) to include approximately 50 per cent earthworks, 40 per cent drainage, 80 per cent pipeline works, 25 per cent pavement works and 25 per cent concrete works; and to complete the relocation of utility poles and land acquisition.
Besides featuring the role-model Uruguayan president, the app gives a lot of insights to users in Facebook and recently posted the health benefit of the Sour Sop which kills cancer cells 10,000 times than chemotherapy, top 10 foods for changing your mood to good, top 10 trends on technology for 2013, about Warren Buffet who is the 3rd richest man on the planet, 7 foods to prevent anemia, top 10 most anticipated smartphones this year, and the effect of eyes while using a computer.
It but if back to his snow, didn't The main course was venison with molten trompette crumble followed by hay chocolate mousse, saffron gel and sour sop puree.
59 mg/100ml) and comparable to the values reported for orange (49 mg), pineapple (24 mg), sour sop (26 mg), bananna (18 mg), and mango (25 mg) [1, 19, 23 - 27].