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milk that has turned sour

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AHAs are a group of weak acids typically derived from natural sources such as sugar cane, sour milk, apples and citrus that are well known in the cosmetics industry for their ability to enhance the appearance and texture of skin.
Listening to his sanctimonious utterances on the is akin to the experience of drinking sour milk.
Game meats such as boar, rabbit and venison are also eaten--often washed down with a refreshing glass of sour milk.
Over the next few minutes McCartney introduced some of the lyrics, reworking "Get back to the place you should be" from George Harrison's Sour Milk Sea into "Get back to where you once belonged.
Everything seems to be in chaos Get over it, it's just a little bit of sour milk.
The author is aided by a splendid factory setting created by Poppy Mitchell where you can taste the oil, the grime and the metal yesterday's sour milk and today's slewed tea.
SWEET MINCEMEAT AND CINNAMON MUFFINS Ingredients for six muffins: 285g plain flour 1 1/2 level tsp baking powder 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 1/2 level tsp of bicarbonate of soda 75g brown sugar 275ml sour milk 2 tbsp olive oil 1 large egg 9oz (250g) sweet mincemeat Method: Sift together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda and then add the sugar.
You hear about the bet Brad Penny made with Ned Colletti, challenging him to drink a gallon of sour milk in an hour -- because it's the only way to wash down that Schmidt sandwich?
Use some baking powder for sweet milk pancakes, or baking soda for sour milk pancakes, or use buttermilk.
Jimmy White, Elsdon shepherd; Tommy Breckons, Northumbrian smallpipes players, from Bellingham; Jack Armstrong, piper to the Duke of Northumberland and leader of the Barnstormers; Bob Clark, played drums and Peggy Clark played piano with the Northumbrian Minstrels around 1940; Ernie Cairns, singer, Riding Mill; Billy Conroy, whistle player, Ashington; Jimmy Pallister, fiddle player, from Cambo; Angus Russell, singer; Archie Bartram, fiddle player; George `Jock' Purdon, composer; Thomas Johnstone, composer of The Sour Milk Cart; Gordon Cutty, concertina player; Arthur Marshall, melodeon player; Pipe Major James Robertson - composer of Farewell to the Creeks.
And in the heat of Phoenix--where I reside a good part of the year--cheese and sour milk permeate the skate atmosphere.
The host of They Think It's All Over discovered how the ancient Egyptians had contraceptives 4,000 years ago though some of the methods, from men bathing their privates in vinegar to women using crocodile dung steeped in sour milk, wouldn't appeal much today.
Thus, for instance, in Sweet and Sour Milk the domestic patriarchy is a mirror image of the national dictatorship; i.