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a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active

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a settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)

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The kitchen is equipped with the latest facilities for preparing and storing sour dough at the right temperature, besides ovens that provide steam infusions to keep bread hydrated and crisp.
To start, we tried the traditonal shucked oysters with red wine vinegar an shallot dressing, the hot and crispy oysters with chippy mayo and the salad of tomato, herbs, goat's curd, pickled onion and sour dough.
50) which was listed on the menu as being served with chargrilled sour dough, sun blush tomato tapenade and arugula leaves.
The toast was beautiful sour dough and all the ingredients were superb.
Scatter with herbs and serve with warm toasted sour dough
Other signature dishes include Griddled Scallops with Chestnut, Puree, Shiso and Lemon; Steamed Grouper with Clams and Seaweed Butter; Chicken and Goats' Cheese Mousse with Olives; Cedar River Farms Beef Carpaccio, Shaved Foie Gras, Watercress, Fig Jam and Sour dough Toast and Half Rack of Australian Lamb, Black Pepper and Garlic from the Josper Grill.
Cowan IV, are credited for creating the pizza menu and sour dough.
It's a Swissand American cheese delight melted on an egg omelette with turkey ham ingrilled sour dough bread, served with hash browns.
Deghri presently delivers for Achrafieh-based Roger le Boulanger , taking his artisan sour dough breads across Beirut.
The "Gourmet Delight" basket, for example, contains an assortment of: Smoked Oysters, Ginger Peach Tea, Private Brand Coffee, Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Sour Dough Nuggets, Olive Oil Chips, Premium Cookies, Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Sweet Butter Cookies, Large Pack of Cookies, Premium Snack Pack, Cranberry Harvest Medley, a Large Box of Chocolates, Truffles, and other holiday favorites.
They will be challenged to create organic sour dough breads, along with such delights as Bedfordshire Clangers and Lancashire Courting Cake.
The Prince was immediately taken by a basket of rustic bread and picked up a sour dough loaf, saying: "I would like one of these.
The menu reflects these trends, and includes; rillette of mackerel dressed on a pickled cucumber Carpaccio with sour dough croutes and fish pie using sustainable sourced hake, dressed with parmesan pomme puree and a warm tartare sauce.
The white loaf has a distinctive sour dough taste and the brown is made using oats and barley--both are baked slowly and to perfection.
The luxury fare -- which includes dishes such as "Rillette of mackerel dressed on a pickled cucumber carpaccio with sour dough croutes" -- will be served on all BA flights for the duration of this summer's Olympic Games.