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a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active

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a settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)

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Confirmation that that investment is paying dividends came at the Great Taste Awards, where the sour dough crumpets won a one-star gold award.
The dish was still nice though but I the sour dough did taste a little like burn toast and I would have preferred it with salad leaves.
The "Gourmet Delight" basket, for example, contains an assortment of: Smoked Oysters, Ginger Peach Tea, Private Brand Coffee, Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Sour Dough Nuggets, Olive Oil Chips, Premium Cookies, Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Sweet Butter Cookies, Large Pack of Cookies, Premium Snack Pack, Cranberry Harvest Medley, a Large Box of Chocolates, Truffles, and other holiday favorites.
CharcoalA[degrees]grilled burgA[degrees] ers on crisp sour dough bun served with homemade chutney, chunky chips along with the appeA[degrees] tizer and salad bar and a selection of desserts, only available from Saturday to Tuesday, are priced at RO16 net, excluding beverages.
They will be challenged to create organic sour dough breads, along with such delights as Bedfordshire Clangers and Lancashire Courting Cake.
The Prince was immediately taken by a basket of rustic bread and picked up a sour dough loaf, saying: "I would like one of these.
The menu reflects these trends, and includes; rillette of mackerel dressed on a pickled cucumber Carpaccio with sour dough croutes and fish pie using sustainable sourced hake, dressed with parmesan pomme puree and a warm tartare sauce.
The white loaf has a distinctive sour dough taste and the brown is made using oats and barley--both are baked slowly and to perfection.
The luxury fare -- which includes dishes such as "Rillette of mackerel dressed on a pickled cucumber carpaccio with sour dough croutes" -- will be served on all BA flights for the duration of this summer's Olympic Games.
The mean values and standard deviations for microbial numbers of raw materials (sour dough, roasted sour dough and green malt) and during fermentation were computed.
Some of the recipes include Sour Dough Pancakes from the Mountain states, Salmon Canapes from the Pacific Coast Region, Shrimp Creole from the Southeast, and Cream of Peanut Soup from the Appalachian Highlands and many more.
Lobster caught in our pot, with homemade garlic mayonnaise end o slice of sour dough, washed down with o gloss of Souvignon Blanc.
Our first stop is brunch at the City Gar-dens Cafe, spinach and poached eggs on grilled sour dough with roasted tomatoes.
Millbo manufactures a wide and continuously evolving range of bakery ingredients, including sour dough, fermented flours and enzymes to fulfil the needs of the bakery trades.
This club sandwich is made with Iberico ham, poulet de Bresse, white truffles, quail eggs, semi-dried Italian tomatoes and 24-hour fermented sour dough bread, and weighs 530 grams.