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a leaven of dough in which fermentation is active

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a settler or prospector (especially in western United States or northwest Canada and Alaska)

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The accompanying sour dough bowl featured notes of garlic and chilli, and was the perfect dipping accompaniment for this oozing dish.
Dishes include Red mullet, carrot, spring onion, buttermilk, raisin, coriander, and sour dough as well as Hogget, wild garlic, St George's and thyme plus Lincolnshire poacher, toast and brown sauce.
According to the company, this concept is built on a pizza base made of sour dough and responsibly sourced and fresh ingredients, as well as a distinct visual image and customer experience.
Dishes include starters of cured salmon, slow cooked belly, soy, wasabi and mooli or veal tartare, quail eggs, sour dough and watercress and mains of rabbit, langoustine, butternut squash, cabbage, mustard and marjoram or new season lamb, heritage carrots, cous cous, curds, cumin and apricots.
Salted caramel tart What we ate: Appetisers: After some lovely complimentary homemade sour dough bread, I went for a homemade pork, blue cheese and leek Scotch egg (PS7).
Date breads made with sour dough, organic dates and pecan nuts are a delicacy.
Most products in the bakery are prepared with sour dough formed with natural yeast using special techniques for preparation and storage at the right temperature.
With a vast range of both healthy and hearty brunch options available, there is a dish for everyone, including: eggs Benedict or the popular avocado on sour dough toast with poached eggs and tomato salsa.
Baker & Spice use produce from local organic farms delivered daily for their salad counter and you can really taste the difference as well as knowing it's doing you good, with a slice of their slow rise sour dough from natural yeasts.
To start, we tried the traditonal shucked oysters with red wine vinegar an shallot dressing, the hot and crispy oysters with chippy mayo and the salad of tomato, herbs, goat's curd, pickled onion and sour dough. The Arnold appetisers worked very well, using the freshness of quality ingredients and simple preparation to create light and flavoursome starters.
I'd opted for the herbed goats cheese (PS7.50) which was listed on the menu as being served with chargrilled sour dough, sun blush tomato tapenade and arugula leaves.
The toast was beautiful sour dough and all the ingredients were superb.
Scatter with herbs and serve with warm toasted sour dough