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shredded cabbage fermented in brine

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Zhirinovsky lashed out at his bodyguards for "not doing their job properly" to prevent the sour cabbage incident, and claimed the woman "was paid to do this," the news outlet reported.
Seafood stovies and pork chops served with sweet and sour cabbage are the sort of thing that crop up among the main courses.
The side dish of mashed potatioes was a buttery smooth blend while the sauerkraut or pickled sour cabbage added a wet and tangy bite.
My favourites are my wife's little dumplings, made with sour cabbage and mushrooms.
No summertime hot dog would be complete without a healthy dose of condiments and the Germans claim to have been the first to pickle cabbage in wine, then ferment it with only salt and cabbage to concoct sauerkraut, which means sour cabbage.
It serves grilled fish and meats, such as a grilled Ahi tuna with basil mayonnaise and ginger sandwich or Mongolian pork chop with braised sweet and sour cabbage, in a casual setting that's always packed with a lively Wine-Country crowd.
95) of duck on red sweet and sour cabbage (pounds 9.