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shredded cabbage fermented in brine

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Things weren't much better with my next opponent, Fred Zeppalin, also known as the Sour Kraut or Kaiser Bill's Fat Man.
She had become sullen, a sour Kraut, a champion in crisis.
And he's determined to make sour Kraut Klinsmann pay for an insulting brush-off.
Thirdly you can have a go at Sour Krauts which offers 18-1 on Dieter Hamann, Christian Zeige or Markus Babbel to be sent off during 90 minutes.
Why they're complaining I don't know - they are just a bunch of sour krauts.
And we'll be hoping there are no sour Krauts at the final whistle - another celebration showing of the 1966 World Cup final would be too much to take.
The sour Krauts were told by their Euro partners they are not good enough for the May 18 showdown in Oslo.