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a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup


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CREAM: Cream soup spoons have a round; wide bowl and generally used for smooth, cream-based soups and bisques served in bowls with handles.
AaFor some reason, youAEve parked your glasses in the top drawer of the bureau next to the pewter soup spoons and the C car keys in an earthenware vase atop the clavichord.
And we couldn't believe it when the barman appeared, apologising for giving us slightly dirty soup spoons because there were no clean dessert spoons left.
Arrange 20 Chinese soup spoons (or your best dessert spoons) on a platter or tray.
It includes eight table knives, table forks, dessert spoons, dessert knives, dessert forks, soup spoons, teaspoons, coffee spoons, fish blades and fish forks, plus four serving spoons.
Celebrate soups with a display that cross-merchandises stainless steel soup pots along with soup bowls, ladles, soup spoons, wooden spoons and additional accoutrements ready to make a great soup.
Royal VKB, a housewares and tabletop company from Holland that exhibited in the United States for the first time at the show, highlighted bowls with Asian-styled soup spoons that hook onto the bowl.
with sweetbread and courgette, forcemeat, garlic and thyme(Recipe for 4 persons)Ingredients:350g breast of North Ronaldsay lamb with the ribs30cl (centilitre) olive oil1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar' soup spoon chopped parsleyfor the stuffing:25g shallots150g courgettes (zucchini)170g North Ronaldsay lamb sweetbread2cl olive oilsalt, pepper, thyme2 soup spoons white breadcrumbsfor the garnish:1 garlic clove30g celery1 tomato1 thyme twig1 shallotPre-preparation:BreastRemove the ribs without damaging the skin.
Serve in individual bowls with soup spoons accompanied by small dishes of chilli oil.
You'll also remember him for his distinctive chairs ( the Ant, the Egg and the Swan) and the famous cutlery of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, including the right and left-handed soup spoons.
Before you can say "by Jeeves," employer and employee are squabbling like a long-married couple come to blows over soup spoons.
To finish the dish, using two soup spoons, form 12 quenelles with the reserved mushrooms and set aside.
Stored in glass jars, canisters, cellophane bags, or plastic bags, twisted airtight and put into a soup tureen, or into a basket with soup bowls and soup spoons, this mix makes an outstanding gift.