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insulate against noise

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impervious to, or not penetrable by, sound

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A police spokesman said: "The whole two-roomed apartment was rigged up as a huge torture chamber with a big oldfashioned telephone kiosk soundproofed as the cell for his victim.
Standard features include hardened cutting chamber, tilt-back soundproofed hopper, staggered/ open rotor design, base sound enclosure, 5-hp blower/cyclone package, D2 steel cassette knives/open knives, drop-down screen cradle/reversible screen, high-amp alarm, rotor pulley safety interlocks and low infeed heights.
The first band to play the newly soundproofed venue will be Robyn Hitchcock with support from Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band.
10 models of general-purpose, soundproofed grinders for beside-the-press and central grinding.
My concern is that other clubs have lost live licences because they hadn't properly soundproofed, but that made sense as the restaurants around them came first.
Models are soundproofed and include regrind evacuation and belt conveyor.
Offers a complete line of grinders from small 2-hp, beside-the-press units, to auger, soundproofed low-profile grinders, all in sizes up to large 70-hp units.
introduced two new units: The 79 LBU, a belt-fed granulator with an adjustable height belt for easier feeding; and the 1418 KGB, a soundproofed granulator for long profiles and pipes.