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a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes

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An experiment to measure nitric oxide in the polar sky was successfully launched on a NASA sounding rocket at 8:45 a.
A sounding rocket is fired straight up until it runs out of fuel and then plummets back to earth.
HOUSTON (CyHAN)- A telescope launched July 11 aboard a NASA sounding rocket has captured the highest-resolution images ever taken of the sun's million-degree atmosphere called the corona.
The Space Science and Engineering Division focuses on the development of scientific payloads aboard scientific satellites, the International Space Station, reusable suborbital vehicles and sounding rockets.
They were cheaper and more flexible than weather baLLoons or sounding rockets.
The Skybolt Sounding Rocket has been designed to flight test a Starchaser rocket engine and is designed to be reusable, a trait that is almost unique compared to other existing sounding rockets.
Other papers cover topics ranging from before World War II to the present, including liquid propellant engines in the Soviet Union, early French aeronautics, asphalt rocket propellants and a Japanese rocket fighter, the parking lot rocket experiments of North American Aviation, the development of the Veronique and Vesta, the Netherlands in space, flight termination of the first large solid propellant rockets, the "Black Prince," a French satellite and commercial satellites in general, Russian space suits, exploration of the solar system from 1961 to 2000, studies of space biology, a Russian super-heavy rocket, Argentinean sounding rockets in Antarctica, and Australian rocket retrieval in the dessert.
The fact that much of Mid Wales is relatively empty of towns and villages means that it has on occasion been used as a test-bed for small sub-orbital and experimen- tal sounding rockets.
Sounding rockets often are used by NASA as a cost-effective way to conduct investigations at specified times and altitudes.
During the ensuing decade sounding rockets were developed which could attain altitudes of 370 kilometres.
They include building and launching CubeSats into Earth orbit and designing and building experiments to be launched on board sounding rockets.
During the past 15 years, several sounding rockets, both Voyager space-craft, and the X-ray satellite EXOSAT have all viewed stars in the extreme ultraviolet.
Tender issueThe objective of this activity is to provide an Avionics prototype (SW and GNC aspects) usable in nano-launchers / micro-launchers / sounding rockets and to create a reference implementation to cope with modern and versatile Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) data handling and software systems for micro-launchers.