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(music) resonator consisting of a thin board whose vibrations reinforce the sound of the instrument

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A soundboard amplifies the soft sound produced by the strings of a piano.
It wasn't lost on me, living in Wrangell, that we're here right in the heart of the Tongass forest where some of the finest soundboard material in the world grows," he says.
Connecting your camcorder to an external microphone or soundboard is a critical skill for any event or corporate videographer, though it can be surprisingly challenging, making it an exercise best performed well in advance of the actual live event.
Before WWII, New York Adirondack spruce was the choice soundboard material.
Improvements have included the installation of new soundboards.
The measured dimensions of an old piano reflect years of production on the part of a successful builder who wasn't at all confused about his instrument, so I copy the soundboards and hammer action without varying from observed data.
Students gain technical skills working soundboards, handling lighting design and house management.
1800d There is little doubt that two other pianos by Walter, both inscribed `Anton Walter in Wien', have new soundboards, as I have argued elsewhere.
Spruce is an ideal wood for soundboards because of its high stiffness-to-weight ratio.
They are offered in numerous configurations, including kits with SCSI adapters or soundboards, and bundles featuring several popular CD-ROM software titles.
necks, fretted fingerboards, soundboards, and elements that make up the instrument's body, all at various stages of formation and finishing.
Its rattle, and the soundboards that surround the pitch, help players take-up positions with unerring accuracy.
Some of the first ideas on how to tune the violin soundboards came from another native of Sklenarice, Frantisek's nephew Jindrich Vitacek (1880-1946), whom Frantisek had taken on as assistant in the Kiev period.