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Synonyms for onomatopoeia

the formation of words in imitation of sounds


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using words that imitate the sound they denote

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Beginning silent readers often sound words out in their heads, a cumbersome process called subvocalization.
complete with sound words (gloop, gloop, schloop through the swamp).
She gave us some good tips for helping him to sound words.
Her poems are the sound words make when repetition, alliteration, assonance, and irreverent rhymes mate with the tragedies of our fleshly world.
In his retelling of a classic Aesop's fable, renowned author and illustrator Jerry Pinkney stuck to illustrations only, with the exception of occasional animal sound words like squeak, screech and roar.
But many others, particularly those that have been through tough times before, are determined to keep going and have some sound words of advice to offer.
That's because their brain automatically uses the skills it learned when they were kids: sound words out.