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a system of electronic equipment for recording or reproducing sound

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Jens Peter Zinck, managing director of Bang & Olufsen Automotive, said, 'Bang & Olufsen is pleased to provide another outstanding in-car sound system for the whole line-up of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
Da-Lite's lecterns with the AmpliVox premium sound system option are available at da-lite.
23 July 2010 - Danish high-end audiovisual equipment maker Bang & Olufsen A/S (CPH: BO), or B&O, said today that its BeoSound AMG sound system would be available as an option in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class models from September 2010.
Sound Systems undoubtedly mainstreamed reggae in this country, pre-release pressings were making their way from Jamaica to the UK.
It was on the sound systems that DJs or `toasters' came to the fore.
The aim of the Valve Sound System has never been to attain high levels of loudness.
Security & Sound Systems has been recognized by industry giant Directed Electronics, Inc.
Bang & Olufsen's sound systems are also offered in cars of German Audi (ETR: NSU) and UK Aston Martin.
A NEW book tracing the roots of reggae sound systems from Jamaica and their journey to Huddersfield has been launched.