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an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods

(music) an electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments

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As already discussed in the preceding sections, our goal for the sound synthesis was to create a timbral extension to an acoustic instrument.
Additive Synthesis is just a set of sound synthesis techniques based on the summation of elementary waveforms, called partials, to obtain more complex waveforms.
Mike Kimberley, chief executive officer of Group Lotus, said: "Our advanced external sound synthesis technology increases pedestrian safety, while retaining the car's environmental benefits.
Looking back, the most influential technological changes were obviously the transition to commercial analogue synthesiser in the 1960s, then from the 1970s the spread of numerical sound synthesis, which caused an expansion of the genre into pop music, and from the beginning of the 1980s the transition to personal computers, digital synthesisers with MIDI, and live electronic music.
The vBow was designed to map the kinesthesia of the performer in parallel with mapping the bowing gesture--literally, the posture imparted to the bow--to sound synthesis parameters.
Since entering the market for mobile phone melody solutions in August 2003, NEC Electronics has used the technology of FueTrek, a leading company in the field of sound synthesis.
The primary characteristic of the MA-2 is that it uses FM sound synthesis, which allows for stronger sounds with more "punch.
In an attempt to show the unity of Xenakis's instrumental and electroacoustic music, I will focus on one particular topic: the influence of Xenakis's experience with random walks used for sound synthesis in the late 1960s on his instrumental pieces of the 1970s.
Yamaguchi said, ''I want to speak about a sound synthesis system I cooperated in developing as a user.
The 15 chapters will teach the reader to record, mix and add effects to tracks; work with Mod, MIDI, and MP3 files; do hard-disk multi-track recording; use realtime synthesizers and software sound synthesis programs like Csound; produce high-quality scores with music notation programs; and share sound resources over a network.
Yamaha's sound synthesis microchips have long been a component in PCs and on sound cards manufactured by a number of companies.
In addition to EOC and RNC, HALOsonic offers Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS) which generates the authentic sounds of an engine, inside or outside the car.
The technology chapters assess current techniques for emulating spatial acoustics, the development advantages of procedural audio, and physical models for sound synthesis.