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Synonyms for silencer

short tube attached to the muzzle of a gun that deadens the sound of firing

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a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

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If I were going to use Surefire's Masterfire RDH professionally, I'd attach it to a Safariland QLS fork and use it when the mission dictated such as with a sound suppressor or times when I knew my support hand would be occupied.
While the legal hurdles involved with owning a sound suppressor are initially daunting and the wait time grueling, ATF turnaround time is faster nowadays.
It can also be had with a threaded barrel for a sound suppressor.
As sound suppressor sales took off, and interest in them grew, the firearms industry noted and responded to this new market.
Sound suppressors are big business these days and any number of reputable companies produce remarkably effective suppressors or "cans" in the lexicon of the purist.
aftermarket muzzle devices and sound suppressors are easily mounted.
Sound suppressors can be manufactured in Massachusetts, and public servants can use them under color of their office, but law-abiding Americans cannot possess the same under their constitutional rights.
Sound suppressors should be sold OTC in blister packs at WalMart.
SureFire solved this with its WarComp, which also acts as an adapter for SureFire sound suppressors.
However, sound suppressors are becoming mainstream these days and the market is awash in heavy 147-gr.
Navy SEAL Teams, developed a family of sound suppressed revolver rifles for the Special Forces and designed/manufactured over 5,000 "snap on" sound suppressors for the then new M9 service pistol.
Cindy Daniel, Daniel Defense executive VP, thanked the governor for his support of Georgia House Bill 60 (HB60), which allows for the use of sound suppressors for hunting under certain circumstances.
I tested their Mod 0, which is identical in dimensions to a standard A2 flash suppressor and accepts a standard blank flash suppressor and accepts a standard blank firing attachment and sound suppressors.
In addition to lights of various flavors, SureFire also offers hearing protection, high-capacity magazines and sound suppressors.
As sound suppressors become more prolific, this becomes even more the case.