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the physical intensity of sound

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Tender notice number : ECL/SAT/GM/MM/17-18/ Sound Power Telephone /252
The test component is inserted into the long duct, and insertion loss is computed as the difference in sound power in the receiving room with and without the attenuating component in place.
i] is the correction factor used for converting the sound pressure level into the sound power level.
Discharge Sound Power Level: sound power that is transmitted from the terminal outlet.
Moreover, for some of the elements where the sound power drop results from the reflections from this element backward, this drop is modeled as attenuated sound with no effect on the elements connected to it.
If we double the number of singers, we double the sound power, which raises the combined SL by 3 dB.
As simple definitions, sound pressure is 'how loud the sound appears to the ear', while sound power is the total amount of sound energy that the equipment radiates into the environment.
For target position measurement, we used the centroid of the detecting sensor positions weighted with detecting sound power.
The aerodynamic performances and sound power spectra for both Fan A and Fan B were measured experimentally.
Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure.
This grant affords a tremendous opportunity for advancing ecologically sound power generation and I pleased to lend my support," he said.
Prior to PSEG, Jensen led energy efficiency growth activities for subsidiaries of Puget Sound Power & Light and U.
The engine produces just 79 decibels of sound pressure and 100 decibels of sound power at full throttle.
Its sound power level(3) is about three decibels(4) lower than a comparable liquid-cooled-engine, low-noise electrical generator(5) in the same power output class.
The Directive sets maximum permitted sound power levels and mandatory noise emission labelling for 22 types of equipment and mandatory noise emission labelling for 35 types of outdoor equipment (lawn mowers, jack-hammers, generators, cranes, etc.