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motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it

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Though we now date the beginning of this duo's decline from their sound pictures, "Welcome Danger," (1929, Lloyd) and "Free and Easy" (1930, Keaton), both movies were box office smashes, with audiences simply curious to hear how their formerly silent stars sounded.
The author of a case study of a cinema considering the conversion to sound in 1928 writes, "It was difficult to judge the permanence of the appeal of sound pictures.
He had failed to make it into sound pictures and ended up in Dawson City.
Michael Green, director of the project, has stressed the need to create memorable sound pictures `packed with experience and emotion' rather than facts, of which the archives are already full.
Blue Latitudes itself is about different worlds discovering one another and the music was full evocative clashes and new-found harmonies as well as vivid sound pictures of life at sea.
The SPV - which stands for Sound Pictures Video - combines a version of the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system, colour, speed and exciting applications such as full web access (HTML and WAP colour browsing), easy-to-use wire-free email and instant messaging - all on a small, stylish mobile handset.
Both Garland and Simcock are investigating the tones, textures and sound pictures of classically influenced composition.
Pletnev's daybreak scenario for The Year 1905 was loudly prosaic - verging on tedium - but eventually the revolution unfolded, with flag-waving folk melodies creating vivid sound pictures.