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motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it

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Yet sound pictures brought percentage pricing in their wake.
Anthony Negus conducts, and the engineers have achieved a fine sound picture with minimal stage noise.
Saturday evening's concert was a case in point, with John McCabe's orchestral tone-poem Red Leaves offering an evocative sound picture of New England in the fall, its muted horns duetting like stags at bay and autumnal colours full of rich sonorities.
If economics had permitted, it would have been nice to have had a pair of violins to add to the Venetian sound picture.
She began making a steady stream of hit movies before her first sound picture, on Anna Christie.
As the orchestra is placed slightly back in the sound picture and the singers (a some-what bland lot) are very closely miked, the color and detail of Janacek's unique orchestration lose their punch.
Each movement represents a phase in the Revolution, bringing contrasting styles and tempi to a sound picture of vivid contrasts.
There used to be three types of big bands: the fireworks type like Stan Kenton's, the revolutionary like the David Murray Big Band, and the sound picture type like Mara Schneider's.
Both present a well-focused, pleasant sound picture that is as good or better than most of their competitors, even those with higher prices.
Sound is simply vibrating air which the ear picks up and converts to electrical signals which are then interpreted by the brain to create a sound picture,'' she explains patiently for probably the millionth time.
Still, the sound on the Gatti also seemed very rich in this movement, and the distant recording framed the sound picture well.
Stage movements and spatial relationships are less than ideal, not like the old Culshaw days, but it's a fairly listenable, if one-dimensional, sound picture.