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motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it

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Specifically, I describe the use of a scientific word processor as a whiteboard and the process of capturing the activity of my computer screen to create study materials in the form of sound movies.
Within the last ten years, developments in phonophotography have gone by leaps and bounds to such an extent that at the present time we can record for scientific analysis not only the present musical performances, but what has been recorded on phonograph records and what is now recorded in sound movies on films, thus making it possible to compare musicians in all ranks and primitive music from all lands.
Saturday THE ARTIST BBC2, 10PM Delightful almost-silent comedy about how the transition to sound movies ruins one star's career and life.
That is, sound movies demanded a highly controlled and specialized environment, which discouraged the silent era practice of location filming.
The energetic musical comedy, made famous of course by Gene Kelly in the 1952 MGM film, is based around Hollywood's transition from silent to sound movies.
The craze for sound movies or "talkers," as Variety termed them, as opposed to the earlier "wordless" films--boosted B.
The discussion includes the application of electrical engineering in numerous areas, including wire-based and wireless communications, radio, the phonograph, sound movies, industry, science and medicine, and the military.
EA music was conceived in the womb of radio plays, sound movies, and the new possibilities of gramophone and tape recording at the end of the 1940s, but its expansion was conditioned not just the advances in technology that are usually put forward as the crucial factor behind the style, but also by changes in values, taste and our powers of acoustic discrimination.