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motion-picture film with sound effects and dialogue recorded on it

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In the case of a modern, sound film, music is incorporated in a segmental and fractional manner, whereas in a silent film there is no space for hiatuses as the composer should provide music for the duration of the motion picture.
Men like myself would cheerfully give you Guam for a few sound films such as that of Awoi no Uye, which was shown for me in Washington.
Shouldn't one radically break the frame of a sound film by directly addressing the audience, by turning to them with the help of loudspeakers?
Silent-matinee idol George Valentin (lean Dujardin), studiously reminiscent of Douglas Fairbanks, suddenly finds himself eclipsed when sound films become de rigueur in 1929.
This volume surveys the major trends and events that shaped the US recording industry during the 1920s, a period of unprecedented change that included the emergence of new labels that successfully challenged major labels such as Victor and Columbia; the advent of commercially viable electrical recording that both expanded the geographic area for viable recording and allowed for the recording of classical works, conveying a newfound respectability on the phonograph record; the increasing importance of once-marginal "race" and "country" music markets; and an increasingly dynamic relationship between the recording industry and commercial broadcasting and sound films.
It was an early sound film when there weren't that many sound films being made.
A celebration of film archivalia, it usually offers a mix of silent and sound films, and of historically conceived and subject-related programmes.
Garbo made 10 silent and 14 sound films in a career that spanned 19 years.
Harkins traces the hillbilly through incarnations in country music, sound films, comic strips, and television.
Davis surely did walk alone during an astonishing career that began in the early days of sound films and encompassed such roles as the rebellious southern belle in "Jezebel" (one of her two Oscar-winners) and badly behaving, middle-aged but still wickedly sexy and vulnerable Margo Channing in "All About Eve.
But there were a number of sound films (very much of their time in kitsch
The essays in The Cinema of Italy, written by top Anglo-American and Italian film scholars, examine prominent Italian sound films from 1932 to 1994, with particular focus on the post-1945 years.
This is a definitive compilation of their work, with the majority of the features and shorts restored and most of the sound films offering an alternative and complimentary colour version.
Sargeant shows that Pudovkin's first sound films The Deserter and A Simple Case (Life is Very Good) were made very much according to the spirit of Soviet Montage cinema, with minimal dialogue and character development.