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a very short speech

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We have had battle buses touring West Yorkshire and preaching hate in the context of the EU referendum without giving much thought to the impact of these sound bites on local communities which are ethnically diverse and where effective social integration has been achieved as a result of hard work and commitment in those communities.
MUSICAL: The Sound Bites team in action; FUN TIME: Sharon Durrant, Alison McGowan, Claire Tustin and Shula PICTURE: ALEX TUSTIN
Thus, sound bites come off as snappy and cogent if they reinforce what people have heard many times before and are already inclined to believe.
Taxing Ourselves: A Citizen's Guide to the Debate over Taxes is designed to bridge the gap between catching but substance-fee sound bites and sometimes somnolent academic treatises.
And in honor of the upcoming election, Comfort has revived her devilishly wicked Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, in which our presidential nominees, heard on sound bites, appear as stiff-bodied puppets, controlled by handlers.
This is an eye-witness story that is very much at odds with the typical media sound bites that substitute for a more in-depth and personally observed account that is gripping, perceptive, unflinching, and cautiously optimistic.
Clark has distilled our current situation into an articulate and compelling discussion without resorting to over simplification, sound bites, and character assassination.
media is forced to reduce the intricate history of the Middle East into little more than sound bites on the evening news.
There's little thoughtful follow-through, and a lot of the questions are not questions -- they're just set-ups for the media to convey sound bites to the hometown.
The birdcalls are for her simply sound bites in the ambient database, snatches of interpretable noise whose adaptation to the concrete jungle does not alter their original context of vigilance and display-context, of course, being the sine qua non for determining the meaning in a message.
But picking up about where Harry Belafonte's The Long Road to Freedom left off, this tapestry of 128 selections weaves together musical pieces from Scott Joplin to the Jackson 5 and Bessie Smith to Queen Latifah with sound bites from Booker T.
7 mpg for light trucks) sure sounds good in the 30-second sound bites presidents-in-waiting, I mean senators, spew on the nightly news to willing reporters.
I use high-speed Internet access in our studio to download MP3 files and edit the sound bites quickly and easily.
This thoughtful and provocative book argues that television, with its brief sound bites and uncomplicated messages, is a medium of simplification and so is well-suited to conservative ideology which values simplicity over complexity.
Black leaders are, for the most part, anointed by the television and the press, selected largely for their ability at sound bites," writes Cose in response to last month's fervor over the news that the Rev.