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French architect (1713-1780)

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However, there were also structural problems associated with the piers supporting the pendentives, drum, and dome of Soufflot's creation, and it was Jean-Baptiste Rondelet (1743-1828), Soufflot's former assistant, who emerged as the key figure in stabilising the building (although Maximilien Brebion [1716-96] and Francois 'Le Romain' Soufflot [before 1764-1802] were also important protagonists).
Address : 2-16 Boulevard Jacques Germain Soufflot, Juriste-Acheteur, 92015, Nanterre Cedex, F
Address : Numro National D~identification : 22920050600157, 2/16 Bld Soufflot, 92000, Nanterre, F
Address : 2/16 Boulevard Jacques-Germain Soufflot 92015 Nanterre
Sale of a property belonging to the Hauts-de-Seine departmental council building located at 2-16 boulevard Jacques-Germain Soufflot in Nanterre.