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a pert or flirtatious young girl

a minor female role as a pert flirtatious lady's maid in a comedy

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Mais l'absence de Madame a, me semble t-il, relegue au second plan cette imbrication du reel et de l'imaginaire dans le jeu des soubrettes.
Her lovely soubrette voice fatigued easily and was the least responsive of the seven.
For Finkel and her fellow Soubrettes Molly Picon and Bessie
Certainly, after reading volumes and volumes of people who sound like John Donne amongst the purple cut-glass tigresses and fur-lined soubrettes, I found it very refreshing to discover, one day in the midst of war, somebody who sounded like a deadly earnest, deeply responsible young California farmer, who was literate, articulate, honest, and locked up for his beliefs.
Indeed, when kissing sounds were heard or soubrettes were yelled at from the galleries, its patrons swerved far from bourgeois mores.
ABT'S roster has always included one or another of these chirpy soubrettes, Junior Mints for the "isn't she cute?
Her long, striking extensions and shapely arms undoubtedly would catch more eyes in a company with fewer spitfires and soubrettes.
Crosses glitter around the necks of soubrettes, TV personalities, leading models and actresses.
In this mainstream biography, the actress emerges initially as a shallow person--one who denied her own Polish/Jewish birthright in order to present herself as the Frenchiest of soubrettes.
This proto-Disney-era family fairy tale with its slapdash narrative, corny comic songlets and mobs of chubby soubrettes kept the Broadway and touring houses packed for years.
Coon shouting" referred to the distinct performances delivered by female soubrettes to get "rough" and "neat" coon songs across.
Players were hired to perform character types (emplois) based on the classical repertory--first lovers, queens, soubrettes, ingenues, noble fathers, and so forth.