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the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho


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Although the Sotho language was known in Barotseland, the climate and much of the culture were unfamiliar and challenging for them, along with diseases, such as malaria, that were not present in their mountainous homeland.
Herein lies the paradox of intergroup relations and the novel's collective "we", which though seemingly homogeneous, almost exclusively represents the emotive bond amongst the dominant majority, the Sotho language group.
Therefore, Setswana, as a member of the Sotho language family, should display a similar trend.
The question must still be raised where Soweto Zulu got the item from, since it is not found in the earlier forms of Nguni or Sotho languages.
Two contributions both dealing with Sotho languages, are linked to a project on computational morphological analysis of several African languages.
The investigation on which this article is based was undertaken in the absence of a substantial textbook or other source material in respect of not only Northern Sotho but also the other Sotho languages.
In the fifteen character mapping the Nguni and Sotho languages are more closely related internally than the pair of Germanic languages and within the Nguni languages Swati is somewhat distant from the other three languages.
The host of linguists, inter afia Meinhof (1948); Van Wyk (1953); Van Eeden (1956); De Clercq (1958); Lanham (1971); Von Staden (1973); Wilkes (1974) and Posthumus (1978) and (1988) who have postulated an underlying stative copulative verb stem -*li (and *-si in the negative) for Zulu have either not motivated the postulation or have based their postulation on the presence of these copulative verb sterns in languages such as the Sotho languages.