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an algorithm for sorting a list

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High performance comparison-based sorting algorithm on many-core GPUs.
In a similarly prescriptive manner, the authors advocate redesigning library systems in accordance with sorting algorithms.
In contrast, for insertion sorting algorithms (also the subject of a vivid literature), only one study exhibits links with pattern avoiding permutations.
For the second research was chosen the largest vector from the previous research (a vector of 1000 elements) and sorted repetitively, for 1000 times, using each of the three sorting algorithms, implemented in the three programing languages.
Let T([lambda], k [right arrow] x) denote the set of all tabloids of shape [lambda] such that the entry k drops to the cell x during the application of the sorting algorithm.
In this section, we describe an instance of the implementation of the SPSML- based learning system LSAMD, which supports the learning of sorting algorithms (abstract concepts).
Section 2 describes sequential methods for processing of binary trees with recursive sorting algorithms, which target FPGA- based implementation.
One particular interest was to research how well the optimization techniques, applied to data sorting algorithms written in CUDA, scale to the latest generation of general-purpose graphic processors units (GPGPU), like the Fermi architecture implemented in the GTX580 and the previous architecture implemented in GTX285.
Its search and sorting algorithms combine data taken from more than 60 of the internet's most popular social media gateways.
Twenty-one chapters under the main themes of iterative algorithms and loop invariants (section one), recursion (section two), and optimization problems (section three) cover topics that include: measures of progress and loop invariants, abstract data types, binary search, iterative sorting algorithms, abstractions and theory, recursion on trees, recursive images, graph search algorithms, network flows and linear programming, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming algorithms.
NI LabVIEW has built-in fast Fourier functions to develop and test the sorting algorithms.
From the most efficient sorting algorithms MergeSort, HeapSort and QuickSort, we selected the last one for the reason of its simple implementation.
Many routing problems can be solved by ordering packages in their target addresses, while several sorting algorithms are based on routing schemes for their efficient implementation.
We outline the technique and demonstrate its effectiveness by producing two parallel sorting algorithms for two different architectures (Pipeline and Message-Passing).
1999] and serve as further examples to demonstrate the generality and simplicity of our technique in analyzing sorting algorithms in general.