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Evolution and biogeography of Mexican small-eared shrews of the Cryptotis mexicana group (Insectivora: Soricidae).
Effectiveness of three live trap types for Blarina (Insectivora: Soricidae) and description of a new trap design.
(2010): Soricidae (Soricomorpha, Mammalia) from the Pliocene of Tollo de Chiclana (Granada, Southeastern Spain).
Soricidae Shrew Total Mammal species Localities of capture ([dagger]) Aethomys chrysophilus Be, CCF, Ok, Pa, Ta Micaelamys namaquensis CCF, Ma, Ok, Pa, Ru Crocidura fuscomurina CCF, Pa, Ru Crocidura hirta Ma Dendromus melanotis Ta Elephantulus intufi CCF, Ma, Ok Gerbilliscus spp.
Eight genera (Blarina, Sorex, Sigmodon, Reithrodontomys, Peromyscus, Ochrotomys, Microtus, and Tamias) and eight different species were captured, with Blarina carolinensis (Soricidae) being the most abundant.
The remaining percentages of prey were represented by bats (Chiroptera), shrews (Insectivora: Soricidae), and small- to medium-sized birds (Table 2).
Named after the taxonomic family to which the shrew belongs (Soricidae) and founded in 1995 by Stewart and Moncton businessman Paul Gunn, the company employs five researchers in a 2,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art laboratory in what was once a car dealership and a pub: a low-rise, ex-strip mal-l on the outskirts of Sackville, a town with a single traffic light about a half hour's drive from Moncton.
Effectiveness of three types of live trap for Blarina (Insectivora: Soricidae) and description of a new trap design.
Comparative embryonic development of the Soricidae, pp.
Molecular evidence of Pleistocene bidirectional faunal exchange between Europe and the Near East: the case of the bicoloured shrew (Crocidura leucodon, Soricidae).
Cane rat Muridae Black rat Shaggy rat Swamp rat Striped mouse Insectivora Soricidae Nigerian Musk shew Hyracoidea Procavidae Black Giant shrew Pholidota Manidae Western Tree-hyrax Long-tailed/Tree Pangolin REPTILIA Reptila Nile croccodilus Monitor lizard Water moccasin Rock python Green mamba Black cobra Hingeback CLASS SCIENTIFIC NAME CONSERVATION MODE OF POPULATION ORDER STATUS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MAMMALIA Atilax paludinosus T F 1 Vivvera civetta E F 2 Genetta poensis T F.A 1 Nandinia biotata T I -- Felis serval E I -- Panthera pardus E I.F 1 Aonyx capensis E I -- Vulpes palluda T A 2 Lutra maculicolis T F 1 Phaecechoerus F.A 15 aethiopicus Potamocherus F.A 10 porcus Hippoppotamus amphibious T A.I 1 Syncerus caffer Tragelaphus spekei.