sweet sorghum

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any of several sorghums cultivated as a source of syrup

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Sorghum syrup -- or "sorghum molasses,'' as it's sometimes called -- has long been a staple of certain Southern cupboards.
Sorghum syrup and even sorghum grain are being thrust into the limelight by a new generation of chefs in the South and beyond who appreciate its complexities and its provenance.
There is sometimes confusion as to the difference between sorghum syrup and sorghum molasses.
Originally, the production of sorghum syrup was very much a 'cottage' industry, which resulted in a syrup with variable colour containing up to 4 percent of starch; this could give a pudding-like gel rather than a free-flowing syrup.
Baked goods like breads, cakes, pies, muffins, and cookies can be sweetened with sorghum syrup.
Sorghum syrup production has traditionally been a "cottage idustry.
On plate drizzle sorghum syrup and dot with cherry puree.
The recipe doesn't sound like it needs more sweetener, but if you gotta have it, go ahead and add another tablespoon of sugar, honey, more molasses, sorghum syrup, maple syrup, stevia powder, apple sauce, pear butter, etc.
I grew up helping my family make sweet sorghum syrup.
A past call-out in MOTHER EARTH News for sorghum-making stories led to a flow of memories, photos and recipes centered on sweet sorghum syrup.
Under this regulation, home-based processors may sell low risk foods such as apple pies, sweet sorghum syrup, jams, jellies and breads but must register with the Kentucky Food Safety Branch.
We'll be publishing a how-to article on making sorghum syrup in our next issue.
I love making sorghum syrup and would like to see this old-time skill become a staple on farms everywhere.
We were pretty much self-sufficient, growing almost everything we needed, from apples to homemade sorghum syrup to wheat for flour, using pure mule power.