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This conclusion is supported by the findings of Pankakoski (1989), who observed that in Sorex araneus and S.
Developmental stability and population dynamics of shrews Sorex in central Siberia.
First records of the Smoky Shrew, Sorex fumeus, and Pygmy Shrew, Microsorex hoyi, from Indiana.
However, micromammals, including Sorex species (weight < 7.5 g) were undersampled.
Deer mouse (genus Peromyscus) was the second most common for both owls, while the cinereus shrew (Sorex cinereus) made up a large part of the Sawwhet Owl's diet (Fig.
It seems to represent a medium-sized shrew, much smaller than Megasorex and Blarina and about the size of Notiosorex crawfordi and Sorex trowbridgii.
On morphological clocks and paleophylo-geography: towards a timescale for Sorex hybrid zones.
The seeds were dehulled and milled with magnetic blender (SHB-515 Model, Sorex Company Limited, Seoul, Japan).
Results of studies that attempted to detect these bacteria in common shrews (Sorex araneus), greater white-toothed shrews (Crocidura russula) (2,3), or common moles (Talpa europaea) (2) were negative.
agrestis and Sorex minutus (chorotype 3), albeit with a low numerical representation (Table 1), which despite preferring to live at low temperatures are able to tolerate Mediterranean climatic conditions (Sans-Fuentes and Ventura, 2000; Real et al., 2003; Lopez-Garcia et al., 2010b).
Despite this being the second year in a row the Ontario BioBlitz was held in Rouge Park, there were nevertheless plenty of surprises, including the first documented sightings of seven species of spiders never before recorded in the park, a Smokey shrew (Sorex fumeus), and a Nightjar (a nocturnal bird of prey).
Blarina carolinensis (over Sorex longirostris) was the most abundant species in both woodlots regardless of season (4).