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For total species richness and abundance of Sorex araneus we did not find an influence of forest edge/hedge type (Table 4, Fig.
This shrew occupied 45% of all mammal captures, while Sorex longirostris (Soricidae) comprised only 3.
Ixodes persulcatus Sorex minutus 13% Sorex araneus 30% Apodemus uralensis 17% Myodes glareolus 40% Ixodes ricinus Apodemus uralensis 93% Myodes glareolus 7% Ixodes trianguliceps Sorex araneus 22% Sorex caecutiens 2% Sorex minutus 11% Apodemus agrarius 35% Apodemus uralensis 4% Myodes glareolus 26% Ixodes apronophorus Sorex minutus 9% Sorex araneus 11% Microtus arvalis 18% Apodemus agrarius 11% Myodes glareolus 51% Note: Table made from pie chart.
of prey items 235 198 121 312 Shrew group Sorex spp.
Fleksotisk Logar prints self-adhesive labels and blister packs for the pharmaceutical sector; Sorex also prints self-adhesive labels, as well as shrink sleeves and wraparound labels.
The dehulled seeds were blended into fine particles using magnetic Blender (SHB- 515 model made by Sorex Company Limited, Seoul, Korea) to obtain the seed cake.
Mike Clareboets, who works for Sorex, said the final weeks of winter were the best opportunity to get on top of the growing rat threat with behaviour-led control.
Rodenticide manufacturer Sorex says livestock farmers are spending more on vermin control to cope with rising farm assurance demands
En un estudio desarrollado durante un ano completo, Ma y colaboradores (1991) estimaron que la ingestion diaria de cadmio por la musarana Sorex araneus, cuyo habitat se situaba en las proximidades de una fabrica de metal, era 50 veces superior que la del herbivoro Microtus agrestis (esto es, un factor de 50 veces).
Martina Flynn, of Sorex rodenticide manufacturer, said a rise in barbecues could also result in an infestation of vermin in Middlesbrough.
Sorex longirostris by Taylor & Wilkinson 1988; Mustela nivalis by Clark & Clark 1988).
In June, Johnson Diversey announced the sale of its Whitmire Micro-Gen business unit to The Sorex Group, UK.