Sorbus domestica

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medium-sized European tree resembling the rowan but bearing edible fruit

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The aldose reductase inhibitory capacity of Sorbus domestica fruit extracts depends on their phenolic content and may be useful for the control of diabetic complications.
Demographic and clinical characteristics of the patients n % Patients 20 Gender Male 11 55 Female 9 45 Age (years, mean 56.7[+ or -]14.3 [+ or -]standard deviation) Presenting symptoms and findings Dyspepsia, nausea, 6 30 and vomiting Ileus 14 70 Comorbidities DM 7 35 CRF 1 5 None 12 60 Previous gastric surgery Yes 3 15 No 17 85 Etiology Sorbus domestica 12 60 Watermelon seeds 210 Japanese persimmon 1 5 Unidentified 5 25 Time between 2.75[+ or -]1.25 ingestion and presentation of symptoms (months, mean [+ or -]standard deviation) DM: diabetes mellitus; CRF: chronic renal failure Table 2.
Swiss pear, according to Veneers: A Fritz Kohl Handbook, comes from the species Pyrus communis, Sorbus domestica and Sorbus torminalis.
Many wild fruit preserves made from bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), currant (Ribes), blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), service tree (Sorbus domestica), and even raspberry (Rubus idaeus) are still served in Anglo-Saxon countries to accompany meat, fowl, or game dishes.