Sorbus aucuparia

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Eurasian tree with orange-red berrylike fruits

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STORAGE TIME: Pack harvested apples in newspaper in cardboard or wooden boxes * STARTLING: The red berries on a Sorbus Aucuparia (Rowan) tree
The rowan, Sorbus aucuparia, is an ideal tree for most gardens, small and compact.
Sorbus aucuparia The rowan tree is a vigorous, broadly conical deciduous tree, which bears clusters of orange-red berries during the autumn.
Our own wild rowan, sorbus aucuparia, has many glamorous cousins in the Himalayas, and they provide species that are spot-on for the small garden.
PLANTING the berry-bearing tree mountain ash, or sorbus aucuparia (main picture), not only provides you with a colourful feature, but it is a real bird-puller as nuthatches, thrushes, waxwings and finches love to feast on its berries.
The common sorbus aucuparia is a welcome sight at this time of year, laden with bunches of bright red fruit.
Our native species, Sorbus aucuparia, has scarlet berries, but there are rosy-pink fruits on Sorbus hupehensis, yellow on Sorbus `Joseph Rock', white on Sorbus cashmiriana, and many other shades worth investigating.
Rhamnus frangula, Populus tremula, Juniperus communis, and Sorbus aucuparia.
If you have room for a tree then you won't be disappointed with the mountain ash or rowan, Sorbus aucuparia, which has attractive foliage, white spring flowers and colourful autumn fruits.
Sorbus aucuparia, better known as the mountain ash, is native to Britain and is the best variety for birds.
ABSTRACT: A long history of forest use and management in Sweden has promoted conifer-dominated forests at the expense of deciduous trees such as Populus tremula, Salix caprea, and Sorbus aucuparia.
Keywords: biodiversity, browsing, Fennoscandia, landscape, moose, Pinus sylvestris, Populus tremula, Salix caprea, Sorbus aucuparia