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a genus of shrubs or trees of the family Rosaceae having feathery leaves

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The inhibition of a-amylase by the Sorbus fruits was determined using the DNS method (12).
Sorbus aucuparia has orange-red bunches of berries, Sorbus cashmeriana has white berries and the variety we have here at Erddig S.
Although she has as her fourth dam Sorbus, ancestress of many top Juddmonte racehorses such as Oasis Dream, Beat Hollow and his dam Wemyss Bight, Luke said it was elements closer up in Starfish's pedigree that appealed.
Under the terms of the agreement, Liontrust will buy Occama[euro](tm)s four funds in Dublin -- the Occam Emerging Markets Opportunities, Occam Asia Focus, Occam Asia Absolute Return and Occam Europe Focus -- and two Cayman Islands funds -- Occam Sorbus and Occam Diversity -- for a price equal to 3% of Occama[euro](tm)s assets to be transferred and a fee of GBP187,500 (USD305,000/EUR215,000).
Also Sorbus domestica and Sorbus torminalis of the Family Rosaceae.
A cross between the native rowan and whitebeam species, the tree (scientific name Sorbus pseudomeincichii) is not known to grow anywhere else in the world.
Among the best are Arbutus unedo, a small evergreen tree producing clusters of white flowers followed by red fruit in early winter, and Sorbus cashmiriana, which produces bunches of white berries which are largely ignored by the birds and remain all winter.
A silver stair with crisp aluminium balustrades, stairs and soffits shimmers in the grey concrete hall and its first flight terminates at a landing overlooking the terrace which is dominated by a single sorbus (rowan), the old magic tree of the north.
ICL Sorbus is to provide support services for NetSet's Masquerade, a hardware-based Internet product designed for small-to-medium sized businesses which includes Internet access, ISDN, firewall, mail-server and web-server for electronic publishing.
A double-leader European mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) and ponderosa pines rise behind.
Sorbus Pink Pagoda Snowberry WINTER berries are an extraordinary gift which delight both us and many types of other creatures which rely on them.
Six species occur in the Wye Valley and nowhere else in the world: | Doward whitebeam (Sorbus eminentiformis) is a rare tree in open woodlands on the Doward and Symonds Yat area; the total population is thought to be less than 54 mature individuals in four subpopulations.
In the upper canopy I've included Sorbus Pseudohupehnsis Pink Pagoda, a Rowan which just like its Latin name has a long season of interest.
Prior information notice without call for competition for Planting and dosadby rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L., further RP) and sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L., further KL) underplanting silver fir (Abies alba, also JD)