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a Slavonic language spoken in rural area of southeastern Germany

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JB: Sorbian authors have been influential primarily in the development of my literary language.
Recognizing the precarious situation of the Sorbian language (there are fewer Sorbian speakers than Gaelic or Welsh speakers), Brezan feels a responsibility to teach young Sorbians their language.
The overview of the article- like usages of jedan 'one' in Bulgarian, Macedonian and Upper Sorbian serves as a starting point for a discussion about the functions of jedan 'one' and neki 'some/certain' in Croatian.
1936) is one of the premier Sorbian writers of our day.
Groups of "potential minority status" (by linguistic or religious characteristics) have, as a rule either been assimilated into the majority population (as the case of Low German and Low Sorbian speakers) or chosen exodus (the Protestant Polish-speaking Masurians).
Apprentice-is a dark fully animated fantasy film based on the 1971 book The Satanic Mill by Otfried Preubler and the Sorbian folk tale.
Examples of minority languages are 'indigenous' languages such as Sorbian in Germany or Cantonese in Vietnam and also recently transposed 'immigrant' languages such as Arabic in France or Berber in The Netherlands (cf.
151 56; James Dow and Thomas Stolz, "The Sorbian Origins of Yiddish: Linguistic Theory in Search of Historical Documentation," 157-65; Paul Glasser (the editor of the new edition of Weinreich's notes), "Comment," 167-74; Edward Stankiewicz, "Comment," 205-13.
The problem of essentialism is more pronounced in situations where the very definition of linguistic identity is disputed; for example, in the case of Sorbian minority languages in Germany.
From Germany, the Sorbian Folk Dance Group Shmerlitz portrayed ancient traditions in an amusing manner, like trying to disrupt the pretty girls as they spin flax.
The report on Germany, drawn up by a committee of independent experts and foreseen by the charter, considers that North Frisian, Sater Frisian and Lower Sorbian are particularly endangered languages.
2007, Bavarian, Cornish, Lombard, Occitan, Sorbian and Veneta, http://www.
Minority languages and cultural diversity in Europe; Gaelic and Sorbian perspectives.
The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage, And Happiness" is the profusely illustrated and personal story of how she made this award winning quilt, along with the history of a true masterpiece of needlecraft which was originally made in 1776 by Sorbian soldiers on the battlefield as they awaited invasion, and Pam Holland's dedicated determination to recreate it as a means helping herself to put her own life back together after the untimely death of her daughter.
They begin a talent show for each other, during which Kati belts out a haunting song in Sorbian.