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Comunidad de Eupatorium espinosarum-Juniperus erythrocarpa: Microbosque dominado por el tascate de Coahuila (Juniperus erythrocarpa) al que acompanan micro y nano-fanerofitos entremezclados en el estrato dominante o dispuestos en el sotobosque, entre los que destacan Berberis trifoliolata, Chaptalia seemannii, Eupatorium espinosarum, Quercus eduardi, Rhus pachyrrhachis y Sophora secundiflora.
Gas exchange rates of sun and shade leaves of Sophora sectmdiflora.
Implementing agency : Sophora Anseong, Gyeonggi-do Office of Education School
1) isolated from Sophora flavescens Ait (SF) and has been identified as the bioactive component contributing to a variety of pharmacological effects such as hepatitis B and C (Lao 2005; Zhang and Huang 2004), cancers (Long et al.
A species found in many of these communities is Sophora secundiflora (Ort.
Sophora alopecuroids, Vicia villosa L,Xanthium strumaium, polygonum sp, Hordium spontaneum, Alhagi camelorum, and salsola kali were the prevalent weeds in the field.
Astragalus, Calia, Sophora, and Lupinus, which produce serious economic loss, particularly in the cattle industry because of their toxicity (Lynn, 1983; Lynn and Shupe, 1984).
The woody plant community was similar to the San Marcos and Blanco rivers with the addition of osage-orange (Maclura pomifera), western soapberry (Sapindus saponaria), live oak (Quercus virginiana), and Texas sophora (Sophora affinis).
Sophora japonica L), a well-known Chinese medicinal plant known as Japanese pagoda or Chinese scholar tree.
Hypolipidemic effects of sophora flavescens and its constituents in poloxamer induced hyperlipidemic and cholesterol-fed rats.
Common persimmon Diospyros virginiana Green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos Black walnut Juglans nigra Eastern red cedar Juniperus virginiana Bois d'arc Maclura pomifera Red mulberry Morus rubra American sycamore Platanus occidentalis Eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides Bur oak Quercus macrocarpa Shumard oak Quercus shumardii Black willow Salix nigra Eve's necklace Sophora affinis Winged elm Ulmus alata American elm Ulmus americana Cedar elm Ulmus crassifolia Slippery elm Ulmus rubra Table 2.
Sophora flavescens lectin induces apoptosis in HeLa cells in a caspase dependent manner (Liu et al.
Only Opuntia phaeacantha was found in all seven cedar glades, but Juniperus ashei, Diospyros texana, Acacia roemeriana, Quercus fusiformis, Sophora secundiflora and Berberis trifoliolata were found in all seven woodlands (Table 1).
Oxymatrine (OMT), a natural quinolizidine alkaloid, is the main basic constituents derived from the root of Sophora flavescens, a Chinese traditional medicine (Fig.
Symrise's extensive efficacy tests showed that plants with powerful antiirritant properties included witch hazel, as well as Lonicera japonica (Extrapone honeysuckle flower), Pueraria lobata (Extrapone pueraria root), Sophora japonica (Extrapone sophora flower) and Cyperus rotundus (Extrapone nutgrass root).