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any of a group of Greek philosophers and teachers in the 5th century BC who speculated on a wide range of subjects

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someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious


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Some lesser points of the dialogue may be noted, such as (1) the acute observation that Meno prefers the familiar definition, which is embellished with poetical language, to the better and truer one; or (2) the shrewd reflection, which may admit of an application to modern as well as to ancient teachers, that the Sophists having made large fortunes; this must surely be a criterion of their powers of teaching, for that no man could get a living by shoemaking who was not a good shoemaker; or (3) the remark conveyed, almost in a word, that the verbal sceptic is saved the labour of thought and enquiry (ouden dei to toiouto zeteseos).
He seems, like Aristophanes, to regard the new opinions, whether of Socrates or the Sophists, as fatal to Athenian greatness.
In the Euthydemus, Socrates himself offered an example of the manner in which the true teacher may draw out the mind of youth; this was in contrast to the quibbling follies of the Sophists.
On the other end of his philosophic life, Socrates encounters "Protagoras" in the soul of Theaetetus in the Theaetetus, only to meet on the following day a quasi-Parmenidean stranger in the Sophist and Statesman.
The moon base is  a new plan for Musk, he's mentioned it before as a way to have a point between Earth and Mars but the plans weren't as sophist acted as those for Mars.
Though competing with the city, the sophist is, so to speak, in the same business.
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Laws prevented people from doing violent deeds that could be seen -- Sophist Critias
Khartoum, 26 Sept (SUNA)- The President of the Republic, Chairman of the National Congress Party, Omar Al Bashir, received congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al Adkha from the leaders of the National Congress party, on Friday evening as well as from representatives of political parties, diplomatic corps, sophist sect and civil society originations.
The Damascene troupe Tahlila held a concert at the Damascus Opera House on Sunday evening, performing a variety of Andalusian and heritage pieces, in addition to sophist chants and performances of Mawlawiyya.
Life is torture because we and the Lebanese have to endure these sophist Cabinet discussions and the fact that people have to be stuck on streets," he said.
Stephens examines the religious experience of second-century CE pagan sophist Aristides as expressed in his religious diary Sacred Tales.
Plato's Account of Falsehood: a Study of the Sophist.
The method of division (diairesis) employed by the Visitor from Elea in Plato's Sophist and Statesman is often interpreted as a hierarchical classification, in which each cut divides a kind (genos)into smaller parts that are fully contained within it and each subsequent kind entails all of the previous kinds in the sequence.
The priority of the sophist on the other hand is to investigate the inventions and the interlocking of discourse itself, not what sort of society the discourse might create.