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United States vaudevillian (born in Russia) noted for her flamboyant performances (1884-1966)


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Screening and discussion about the life of entertainer Sophie Tucker, sponsored by the Dwares JCC.
Fighting fit: Sophie Tucker, 23, of Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, and, below, before losing weight
Sophie Tucker knew seven presidents personally, was there at (and performed for) the invention of the phonograph, TV, radio and movies.
The obvious counterargument to Berman comes via a slight revamping of a famous Sophie Tucker line: "I've been in the majority and I've been in the minority--and, believe me, being in the majority is better.
As an executive at Columbia, Miller would be widely ridiculed for trying to turn a young Aretha Franklin into a showbiz diva in the tradition of Sophie Tucker.
The current collection, I Shudder, And Other Reactions to Life, Death, and New Jersey, finds Rudnick reviewing his life as a mild-mannered Jersey boy getting his first tiny studio apartment in Greenwich Village under the critical gaze of two aunts and a mother, who dish lines like Bette Midler doing Sophie Tucker.
yelled the audience one night as a young Sophie Tucker came on stage.
One part dynamo to one part Sophie Tucker, pint-sized, bustling firecracker Samantha Spiro is a Dolly Levi who thinks talking is a competitive sport, and she sure as hell is going to win.
Sophie Tucker, who was named after a US music hall entertainer, fell into stormy seas as her family sailed off Australia in November.
Sophie Tucker, who was named after a US singer and entertainer, is believed to have swum about five nautical miles in shark-infested waters to St Bee's Island off the coastal town of Mackay.
A hallmark of her scholarship is her artful mobilization of biographical vignettes that enable the reader to associate representations with their creators, whether Sophie Tucker, Clifford Odets, or Molly Berg.
Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, Molly Picon and Wendy Wasserstein were/are all women, all Jewish, and all funny.
It was always a shock to see him dressed in street clothes afterwards, greeting the members of his congregation as they filed out the door: Eddie Cantor, if he was in town, Sophie Tucker, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Oscar Levant, Red Buttons, a young Frank Sinatra whom someone had invited along.
Sophie Tucker, 19, a sales adviser from Stockton: "I'd heard that it's really good.
Not only is Judaken familiar with the song's recording history, but he convincingly argues, through careful interpretation of references to Sophie Tucker in Sartre's contemporaneous short story "The Childhood of a Leader," that Sartre must have known it as well, and thus, Roquentin's faulty vision at the close of Nausea must have been intended by Sartre.