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Italian film actress (born in 1934)

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But most of the time, we talked about girls from the movies - Jean Simmons, who came from the same gene pool as my wife, Audrey Hepburn, Sophie Loren, young Julie Christie, Brigitte Bardot.
But Peter Pate says demand is strong for cabins with balconies on his brand new MSC ship Lirica, with actress Sophie Loren as its godmother.
Raymond Jones, from Nantyglo, made headlines after he admitted stealing millions of pounds of jewels from film star Sophie Loren.
Parents are looking to role models such as actress Sophie Loren for daughters' names.
Cash-hungry Fergie was invited to the glittering Austrian event by businessman Richard Luger, who is said to have paid actress Sophie Loren up to pounds 50,000 as a 1995 guest.