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Italian film actress (born in 1934)

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After scrolling through endless doggy profile photos on Tindog and DogDate, we stumble across one which catches Scooter's eye, five-year-old Pomeranian Sophia Loren.
Film star Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti at Cardiff General Station (as it | then).
GOWN YOURSELF Lily in white and icon Sophia Loren at photoshoot yesterday, right
Pankh director Sudipto Chattopadhyay decided to style Bipasha's sex appeal on the legendary Sophia Loren because of her extraordinary characterisation.
LOS ANGELES: Soul legend Tina Turner unveiled plans to tour for the first time in eight years after her friend and film icon Sophia Loren told her it was time to hit the road again.
Coming on top of Sophia Loren breaking her promise to streak round Naples if Napoli won promotion, this is just too disappointing.
He was killed by James Bond, saved by Superman and even donned a dress to double for screen beauty Sophia Loren.
SOPHIA Loren received the honorary citizenship of her home town in southern Italy today.
In fetish objects like Sophia Loren Decapitated, 1998, and Farrah, 2000-two sequences of X-Actoknifed close-ups--Waters stalks and slashes movie stars known for their impeccably controlled self-images.
ROME Italian designer to the stars Giorgio Armani, right with Sophia Loren, was joined by hundreds of followers and famous friends at the Diocletian baths May 5 for a bash feting his 30-year anni and a retrospective exhibit of more than 500 of his creations.
exp Wladyslaw Bartoszewicz, Simone De Rita, p Gabriella Martinellu, Elda Ferri, dlsc, Edoardo Ponti, ph Gregory Middleton, ed Roberto Silvi, pd Dan Yarhi, cos Mario Davignon's Mark Gingras, John Laing, mus Zbigniew Preisner; with Sophia Loren, Gerard Depardieu, Mira Sorvino, Pete Postlethwaite, Deborah Kara Unger, Malcolm McDowell, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Wendy Crweson, Robert Joy, John Neville Julien Richlings.
When I was a kid, I'd dream of dating Sophia Loren or Debbie Reynolds, but I certainly didn't have a plan for dating them.
An Italian film crew was set to storm his farm in September to make the film version of the 1991 Passion, starring Natalia Estrada, whom Pendleton describes as "the next Sophia Loren.