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  • adj

Synonyms for sooty

of the darkest achromatic visual value

Synonyms for sooty

of the blackest black

covered with or as if with soot

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Frankton Sootie is an exciting prospect from an excellent litter, who confirmed early promise on his fourth outing at Romford coming through his field to beat Wag Boy (won two runs later in 24.
The panto favourite also starred alongside former EastEnder Sophie Lawrence as Aladdin and Sootie and Sweep.
August 29 (7nts, h/b, 4*) Bristol, PS478 By GILLIAN MAHER, of handmade toy and gift shop Sootie Limetree (@sootie_limetree).
The birds are generally south of the West Indies by September, meaning late-season hurricanes like Hurricane Irma don't pose a great threat, but summer hurricanes could be dangerous for southbound sooties.
Thousands of mini Sooties have been collecting small change all over the UK since the 1960s.
As terns go, sooties are fairly easy to recognize: Black back, white belly, black face mask (only the bridled tern is similar, but with white forehead patch extending behind eye).
Everything from shearwaters, sooties, gulls, and herring to humpback and right whales feast on krill.
Corbett invented Sooty on a rainy trip to Black- pool in 1948 to amuse his children and used several Sooties over the years.
When Isobel pointed out that there was obviously more than one Lenny, Mackay admits: "It registered for the first time that the puppets were not real - that Harry Corbett probably had a dozen Sooties and Ray Alan a trunk of Lord Charleses.