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With one exception, the Sooner State has had a bear population since the last Ice Age, or roughly the last 10,000 years.
In recent days, Cruz's campaign had signaled they saw an opening in the Sooner State, the only place Cruz spent more time in the past week than he did in Texas.
Union Pacific Railroad acquired complete ownership of a rail line in Oklahoma decades after state officials saved what continues to be a link of commerce through the Sooner State.
But thankfully for credit unions in the Sooner State, the highs and lows of the real estate market experienced in other states isn't part of that mix.
Forty-three delegates were up for grabs in the Sooner State, making it the fifth-largest cache up for grabs on Super Tuesday.
The DAV Department of Oklahoma's Mobile Service Unit is a symbol of service and gratitude for veterans in the Sooner State.
SHOT IN OKLAHOMA: A CENTURY OF SOONER STATE CINEMA is a pick for cinema and Oklahoma history holdings alike, and documents the reasons why the state has served as a backdrop and home base for cinematic productions over the decades.
This issue contains the following articles: (1) Federal Reports Show Enrollment Shifts Within Private Education; (2) Sooner State Turns to School Choice; (3) Proposed ESEA ["Elementary and Secondary Education Act"] Flexibility Raises Concerns; (4) Choice Expands; and (5) CAPE Notes.
Shot in Oklahoma; a century of sooner state cinema.
Arkansas--thanks to an assist from offensive coordinator and Tulsa native Garrick McGee--signed five players from the Sooner State.
The Beavers had to fend off the likes of Oklahoma State and Texas Tech for a couple of recruits in the Sooner State.
1, it told readers at the time, it would no longer distribute to all four corners of the Sooner State.
With locked lugs and a little luck, I was able to drive within fifty yards of where the two men stood--a broad-shouldered Sooner State 7-point lying between them.
Nursing is on the rise in the Sooner state, and I am very excited about the accomplishments of our nurses.
Among those who sought aid in the Sooner State is New Orleans' NBA franchise, the Hornets, who currently play most of their home games in Oklahoma City.