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an open-air market in an Arabian city

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Sook Jin Jo: Complete Works 1985-2011, with essays by Jonathan Goodman, Donald Kuspit, Todd Siler, Robert C.
Insight: Yungon Go, Eun Kyung Kim, Jung Sook Park and Deog Jung Gwon visit Pertemps People Development Group.
I stuck my digits in the tank let them sook away all the dead skin.
Byline: Kyung Sook Kim was crowned Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club Ladies Club Champion yesterday.
Sook Cheng Wong, from Tate's Avenue in south Belfast, was remanded in custody for a week after two women, at least one from China, were rescued by police investigating human trafficking in the Belfast area.
SEOUL - The South Korean government on Tuesday appointed veteran diplomat Kim Sook as its chief nuclear envoy for the six-party talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
England's reply was instant as Canterbury forward Anna Bennett deflected a free-hit over the head of keeper Yong Sook Park.
Instead of rising to Buddy's defense, however, Miss Sook makes excuses for Odds behavior because of the hard life his family leads, Miss Sook says, "The thing to keep in mind, Buddy, is that this boy can't help acting ugly; he doesn't know any different.
Mi Sook, who would become the now-American teens' birth mother, was herself found, very shortly after her birth, abandoned in a trash bin.
Sook and EVP and General Counsel Elizabeth Ryder , overseeing strategic local content distribution initiatives and affiliate relations for the company's broadcast and digital operations in 100 markets across the U.
Sook Jung Yun is a faculty member of the Chonnam National University, South Korea.
It could have been serious but she was able to sook the sting out of her own bum.
Free school milk was usually left on the school steps for so long it was warm and curdled, or else it was so cold that a big sook gave you an ice-cream headache.