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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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With a model number NP-F970/F950/F930, lithium range Sony camcorder battery is compatible with other models.
Offenders broke into a house and stole a Sony Camcorder worth pounds 350 and a Canon digital camera worth pounds 175.
He sold a Sony camcorder for pounds 600 under a false name in March 2006.
They forced a downstairs rear window at the house in Warwick Terrace on Tuesday and made off with the Sony camcorder and the wallet, which contained a pounds 10 note and 3000 Thai baht - about pounds 42.
The room includes a large-screen Sony TV for image playback and a Sony camcorder for capturing children's reactions.
In a move that brings new meaning to the term "markup," a Manhattan store named Marquis Galleries priced a Sony camcorder at $1,699 --$1,000 above the suggested retail price.
GET in the picture with a Sony camcorder - pounds 999.
They got away with a PS3, a Hewlett Packard laptop, Rolex timemaster watch, Sony Cybershop camera, two Apple ipods and a Sony camcorder.
Here's your chance to win an amazing home entertainment system complete with 42in Philips LCD TV, Sony Blu-ray player and Sony camcorder.
The jury heard an instruction manual for a Sony camcorder was found - and fibres from the black flag used as a backdrop in the martyrdom videos were found on a mattress in one of the bedrooms.
A Sony camcorder, allegedly ordered by Khan's terrorist contacts in Pakistan to film their attacks on coalition forces, was also found.
A Gucci watch, a Sony camcorder and the player's Porsche Carrera were also taken.
To encourage potential filmmakers to get to work, Channel 4 has launched a competition to win some a Sony Camcorder.
The Llanrumney couple, who have a two-year-old daughter Kacey, say they are not bothered about the small Sony camcorder that was pinched but are willing to offer a reward to anyone who returns the tape inside.