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a desert in southwestern Arizona

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Its in-depth understandings make it possible for those outside of Sonoran traditions to succeed in cooking with the book's less familiar ingredients.
On 28 August 2016 at 1945 h, we observed a large (~175 mm total length) Sonoran Desert toad attempting to eat a large (~45 mm body length, ~90 mm leg span) western desert tarantula (Aphonopelma chalcodes) at Sabino Canyon, Arizona.
Project Description : The 300 MW Sonoran Solar Project is a proposed solar energy project in the Sonoran Desert, within Maricopa County, Arizona.
SEM Front Desk is available for sale on the Sonoran web store at http://www.
Greene accused Stryk of fraudulent use of the Sonoran Policy Group's credit card and misappropriating funds.
Sonoran Air specialises in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems for new construction projects.
One of the most knowledgeable observers of Arizona's Sonoran Desert, the author covers a range of natural history topics, including the mating behaviors of insects, the habits of the red-tailed hawk and other predators, the effects of urban sprawl, and how it is that the Sonoran Desert has five seasons instead of the usual four.
An ear-catching debut from this talented trio, ARC's, Sonoran Nights is pure listening pleasure.
A US Fish and Wildlife Service biologist who heads the agency's Sonoran pronghorn recovery program, Coffeen has seen wild pronghorn numbers in the United States triple in the last four years.
The Sonoran Desert, which straddles the border between southern Arizona and northwestern Mexico, is a haunting, stark landscape punctuated by towering saguaro cacti with arms reaching skyward as though praying for rain (though they sometimes droop when especially water-stressed).
Edited by natural historian Richard Stephen Felger and research associate Bill Broyles, Dry Borders: Great Natural Reserves of the Sonoran Desert is an in-depth natural history reference and resource of the Sonoran Desert in southwestern Arizona and northwestern Mexico.
Located in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, the School of Sustainability encompasses such diverse fields as science, technology, public policy, economics, education, and urban planning.
Berenice was 11 when her family made the dangerous journey across the Sonoran Desert (see "Rough Crossing.
The endangered Sonoran pronghorn (Antilocapra americana sonoriensis) of Arizona and Mexico is among one of the Department of Defense's most eye-catching tenants.
Alongside Sonoran Energy there are three other groups currently exploring in Jordan, the National Petroleum Company (state owned) in the Risha area bordering Iraq; Petrel Resources PLC (a joint Irish-UK company) in the east Safawi area; and TransGlobal Oil (a US company) in the Dead Sea area.