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With longer run length, faster imaging, and more robust handling capabilities than other process free plates, SONORA X Plates can be used for nearly any application that is typically printed with an unbaked processed plate.
El caso del sector primario en el estado de Sonora, coordinado y editado por Alvaro Bracamonte Sierra, de El Colegio de Sonora, y Jorge Ines Leon Balderrama, del Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo.
After the successful control of Rhipicephalus-associated RMSF in Arizona during 2012-2013, a collaborative endeavor was initiated in February 2016 among the University of Sonora School of Medicine, the Sonora MOH, and CDC to reduce the number of human RMSF cases in community A.
This book presents PostonEs handwritten account, written during his travels and titled oReconnaissance in Sonora.
About 10 million gallons (40,000 cubic meters) of copper sulfate were spilled into the rivers and some ultimately traveled to a reservoir behind a dam that supplies water to the capital of Sonora.
Os pontos de medicao foram escolhidos proximos das edificacoes cujas fachadas sao atingidas diretamente por esses ruidos, para que fosse possivel medir os niveis de pressao sonora equivalente, em diferentes espectros de frequencia sonora, que atingem essas edificacoes.
Oak Valley Community Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oak Valley Bancorp (NASDAQ: OVLY), has said that it has received regulatory approval to open a second location in Sonora, California.
The Kodak SONORA NEWS plate has impressive quality (3-97 percent dot range resolution at 150 lines per inch, depending on the capability of the imaging device), a strong print performance, including 200,000 impressions run length capability for web presses, and a full range of gauges including 0.
After identification, specimens were deposited in the Centro de Estudios Superiores del Estado de Sonora collection of invertebrates, in the Oregon State Arthropod Collection (http://osac.
The Yaquis, which have opposed the project from its inception, argue that the Sonora government has usurped their water rights and violated the law by ignoring court orders to halt construction and then to stop operations of the aqueduct.
Moody's de Mexico downgraded the issuer ratings of the State of Sonora to A2.
Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Opens Office in Sonora Aerospace Cluster.
This city is hoping to get a large share of a new line of credit the North American Development Bank is extending to Sonora border cities for street paving and other public work projects.
Tracking B&C entries for the Coues whitetail is easy compared to their northern cousins since they only inhabit Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico.
Con una inversion de mas de tres millones de pesos, aportada por el Programa Prosoft, el Gobierno del Estado de Sonora y cinco empresas tecnologicas locales afiliadas a la Anadic, se puso en operacion el Centro Nacional de Soluciones (CNSA) AnadicSoft Sonora.